Rolling with your F.I. T. Roller™ can not only bring you Every Day Benefits such as increasing your blood flow or relieving stress and tension after a long day at work, but it can also give you a Fitness Boost and improve muscle tightness by using it before or after your work outs...Remember, muscle recovery is KEY to enhance your overall fitness performance.

Bellow you’ll find a series of videos that will help you along the way with your rolling journey regardless if you are a rolling beginner or expert.


“Rolling” is like giving yourself a Swedish massage, its long strokes ease deep tissue massage. It promotes blood circulation, and stimulates nerve endings.


While rolling helps the entire muscle, “targeting” is meant to deal with specific sore spots or adhesions. Watch as we demonstrate the four basic approaches to targeting your muscles.


“Rolling” and “targeting” methods can be applied to large muscles in sections or in larger movements ranging from end to end. See demonstrations of these techniques applied to the hamstrings.


Your quadriceps or “quads”, are large, powerful muscles responsible for much of your movement. Watch as we demonstrate the proper form and execution required to massage these muscles.


Your glutes can be difficult to maneuver when rolling, yet a vital part of addressing the pelvic girdle. Watch as we demonstrate the most effective techniques to roll these muscles.


Tension from exercise or stress commonly builds in the back, however this is a delicate area to roll. Watch as we demonstrate the proper way to roll the back while minimizing any possible discomfort.

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